582 | Three Days

582 | Three Days

May 13, 2012 | 10:30 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

That’s not too many days!

Story notes: Before William was possessed by Gunner, he was stalling the crowning of the psychics because of moral apprehensions. That is what Verbatim is referring to on this page. See here to reread the relevant pages.

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edit: forgive me, Zaplings, for I have typoed.


  • Anonymous

    I am not sure what i find more humorous,  the fact that with her current expression in the last frame, i imagined naveed twitching her tale impatiently annoyed,…..or the fact that every time i see william i think of the term “Meat Puppet”

    for some odd reason i am now hungry for corndogs.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I think you meant to say “I trust there will be no more delays” instead of “I trust there will be no more dealys” right?

  • …they’re coming to get killed, aren’t they ?

  • Marduk

    Unless zap somehow gets free of his predicament, i really see no help for the rebels. they seem really underfunded and desperate at the moment, and seeing as zap’s been crowned… bad ending?

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t William be wearing a black cloak and be all wrinkly to be talking about rebels and such? 

  • Anonymous

    Naveed…I know you like wearing impractical clothing, but for someone in your line of work that’s just like begging for a wardrobe malfunction.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t even realize that was there until I read this comment O.O

  •  That’s actually sort of her casual wear. lol.

    But she does go running around in that same outfit later. She’s an exhibitionist, i guess.

  •  ARGH! I’ll fix it tonight.

    I’ve been typoing way too many times lately. Sorry. :(

  •  Wouldn’t it be crazy if Reona and co managed to get there at the same time as the generals? That would make for some exciting stuff.


  •  Naveed is weirded out by the meat puppet.

  • Ramification

     I don’t see why these clothes are impractical for her…than any other clothes.

    Her fighting style doesn’t require her to wear ANY clothes and a (energy??) proof-vest would only cumber her down and inhibit her usual agility she’s comfortable operating under.

  • Einargizz

    Now what are the odds of that happening?

  • that would be hilarious 

  • me either.

  • Anonymous

    That would be a big fight!

  • Anonymous

    No need to apologize, it’s just a typo. I’m just glad we get to read your comic every week.

  • They are impractical because here boobs might fall out. :P

  • Bawsman

    And after those three days, someplace somewhere will have a moon fall on it.

  • Bawsman

    Unless her clothes are glued on, that is.

  • Anonymous

    step 1. fight
    step 2. nip slip or panty peek
    step 3. opponent distracted
    step 4. hands-on roto-rooter

  •  Aw, thanks sweetie!

  • Naveed is making the face that all cats make when they aren’t getting attention. XD

  • Well, Gunner’s dangling her plaything right in front of her.

  • Where do these holograms come from anyway? They’re just projected magically out of nowhere. I love the future!

  • The tables have the interface built right into them.
    Relevant archive page: http://www.zapcomic.com/2003/10/20040414a/

  • Yep, Gunner’s plan was to use William to keep the GEF from ever knowing he’s taken over the psychic academy.

  • Reading those old pages again just now reminds me that some day I’ll have to reread this comic in its entirety and then laugh at how I missed all the big plot points >_>

  •  Zap! is definitely meant to be read in a couple sittings. I think once we finish it, people will start to re-read it all in one go and I hope they really enjoy it. :)

  • Well, at least Mr. Meat Puppet looks slightly healthier than last time?

  • But that requires Naveed getting up and doing the work to get to plaything. That’s not hoe cats roll. They demand the toys come to them. :D

  • Anonymous

     She’s not only one…

  • Anonymous

    In Zap’s galaxy? High! Really high! XD

  • Sunphoenix_72

     I can’t say as I have a problem with that…  Naveed is a sexy evil hottie!

  • Troll-olo

    Looking back at those archive pages, I can’t help but notice how much your artwork has improved…. Whoa.

  • Ramification

    Doesn’t that type of cloth work like a girdle and is supposed to constrict the breasts so they don’t actually have much of any maneuvering room, rather being tightened onto the chest?

  • Anonymous

    For small breasts yes, that is technically true. When you get to the larger sizes though, not so much. If they wish to escape, they will.

  • Sunphoenix_72

     LOL!  You’d think after being thoroughly ravished {physically and likely mentally} by her beloved Gunner… she would be in a better mood.  Guess the meat puppet thing really weirds her out!!!

  • I’d never read it before… I came over here from Wilde Life… and I’m loving being able to read straight through! Although like when you watch a really good movie with lots of twists, turns, and foreshadowing… it’s always fun to go back and see the things you missed! So I’m sure I’ll be reading it at least a 2nd time :) Loving it!!!

  • WolfLann

    He’s gonna go all Order 66 on them.

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