September 28, 2014 | 10:28 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Surprise! I posted the entire ending all at once so you can enjoy it all together.

To start reading from last Thursday’s update click here

Thank you so much for reading all these years, everyone! Chris and I were really glad to have you. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ending!!! <3

I’ve started a new comic called Wilde Life and you can start reading it here.



xoxo forever


If you want to pick up some originals, you still can right here.


  • Very funny? Hope that is a compliment. Lol

  • Thanks for saying so. We’ve been glad to show everyone our story.

  • I love making older men cry. That’s why I’ve started an older man kicking club.

    But seriously thank you for reading.

  • Yeah the whole zap in space URL really did a number on people. There are still folks who think its the name of the comic. I bare them no ill will as its still a catchy title. As for books I’d love to get the rest out but I know the volume 3 fiasco took its toll on Pascalle so she wanted to forget about it and focus on Wilde Life. I’m hoping in the future we can get the rest out but as the comic is ended there may not be enough demand in the future. we’ll see.

  • No, thank YOU.

  • I’m assuming by Raven you mean Naveed? Either way thanks so much for reading glad you enjoyed.

  • I would love to write a 10 years later type thing. Getting Pascalle to draw it however may be the hard bit. She needs time to explore other stories. Maybe if we found another artist, who knows. There are multiple side stories and stuff I’ve had for our characters just bumbling around in my head.

  • Thanks for going on the journey with us!

  • But after the last scene, Zap has a massive brain clot and dies in the field. Take another shot!

  • Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad we were your first. ;)

  • Well I know this is a question towards Pascalle but I’ve heard her answer this enough times to know what she’ll say which is no. There is no plan on redoing the art for the older pages. Her time is going to be utilized on her newer projects. I can’t say I blame her. I personally like to see the older art and while there is no doubt that Her skills have only gotten better over time my personal favorite art was around the Grivak and Casino arcs. So I’d hate to see those go.

  • Your tears seem to not be alone. We’ve hit all the feelings it seems.

  • Wow almost the beginning. Thanks for being here till the end!

  • Thanks! Good old Space Sinatra. Can’t go wrong.

  • Thank you for the backhanded compliment I guess. Haha. I never thought the art was cringeworthy or the story direction less but I guess I’m bias. Also we were first, or was it already Comic Genesis by that point? Who knows it was forever ago. I’m glad you at least liked the comic by the end. Glad we could change your mind?

  • Apparently practice makes perfect. I have yet to but this principle in action myself.

  • Yeah it pays to stick to a plan for a story driven comic I guess. Glad you enjoyed it

  • Well, where’s my applause? Maybe you meant apple sauce… Which I’d also like. Thanks for the apple sauce!

  • Hmm. You’d be surprised, even with the just kidding, how poorly taken a death threat can be. Thanks for enjoying the comic, but I thought you should know for the future.

  • I’m glad we could choke you up. Thanks for letting us.

  • Yeah endings can be bittersweet. We’ll miss the crew as much as our fans

  • Thanks Noel I’m glad you think he would have loved it.

  • Thank you for your continued support!

  • You may…

  • Apple sauce!

  • Yeah RPG world ending made us both fairly steamed especially when it was so close to ending. I personally believe we strived to have an ending to the comic in part because we didn’t want others to feel that way about Zap. Thanks for your kind words.

  • What do you mean YOU PEOPLE? ;)

  • I want to get off of Mr Zap’s Wild Ride…

  • Glad you got in by the end! You are now cooler than everyone afterwards! Thanks for joining us.

  • We’ll be waiting here at the end still!

  • You’re welcome. I always felt that the dreamscape scenes were a great way to continue the Zap Reona relationship while not being together. And it was trippy to see what abstract stuff I was writing work so well in the end.

  • You’re welcome for the fun.

  • Thanks for reading!

  • Thank you for enjoying it and telling us!

  • Robert Nowall

    Actually I was referring to dumping so much all at once. I was expecting a once-a-week lingering goodbye…

  • LinuxTheKid

    I didn’t mean it as a backhanded compliment, more towards a testiment of how much the art and story developed and became something extraordinary. Also, up until about the casino, it SEEMED that way, even though in hindsight, it wasn’t xD

  • Koh

    Thanks for the comic guys. It has indeed been years. Awesome stuff. Most memorable moment? It’s actually most memorable image – guess I’m visual – Reona in that casino dress. Still sticks out in my memory.

  • It’s the only thing that makes me mad! I want my perfect attendance certificate!!

  • Of course, Ian JQ went on to work on venture brothers, adventure time, and steven universe, so… he totally made the right call for himself!

  • Nope, Shotgun to the face approach.

  • I forgive you. Lets kiss

  • Yeah its really good. Its a very striking image. I just love that whole arc.

  • safyrejet

    Heh, thanks. I just feel like you’re both getting a boat load of notifications and comments to read (some not so pleasant, I’m sorry to hear about that, yeesh!). I feel kinda bad about adding to it. But reading Zap has been awesome, not just for the amazing story and artwork but also for (most) of the commenting community chatting it up each page, including the author and artist.

    So hey, here’s another comment you’re gonna be notified of.

  • Positive feedback is a great way of saying thanks, and always appreciated!

  • Julius Besser

    I haven’t been able to get on the last few days, even though I read through the ending using the Google cache trick. But I wanted to make sure to tell you guys thank you so much. I have enjoyed reading this comic from beginning to end. I personally started with this comic more than seven years ago and read it consistently until I got married five years ago. I forgot about it for a few years (just got lost in all the shuffling around and didn’t think of it) until I stumbled upon it again and immediately read through the archives to catch up and have been reading weekly or, more recently, biweekly since. Thank you for a wonderful story, the wonderful art, and a wonderful experience.

  • Thomas

    Will do, but need time (I am moving). I am located in New Zealand …

  • neeniya

    That sad happy feeling of finishing a good comic :’)

  • Taekwondodo

    I found this a couple of days ago from a link from White Noise and now I’ve finished it I miss it a little already. Oh, who am I kidding;


    God damn you for all the feels at the end (I do wonder how Naveed and Gunner are doing on their deserted planet, I’m sure Naveed is happy ;) ). All the internets for a compelling, dramatic story with such a goofball as a main character, though the boy came good in the end.

    Really looking forward to Wilde Life (excellent start so far)!

  • Sandman366

    All good things must come to an end….
    ….doesn’t mean we like it when it happens, though….

    Pretty funny last lines though. And with the squid.

  • Neirenn

    Long time reader, first time poster. Started in during the casino battle
    like many others it seems, must’ve had an ad campaign or something
    going at the time. Not entirely sure what got me to come check this
    comic out initially, but glad I did, as I’ve been checking in here every
    monday since. It’s going to be a lil odd now not having Zap as part of
    my monday routine anymore, but all good things come to end.

    have to congratulate yall on doing somethin so very few webcomics ever
    do, and thats completing your fantastic tale. And holding me hook, line
    and sinker all the way through, where so many other webcomics dropped
    off my bookmarks tab due to hiatus or dragging stories. You’ve joined
    the likes of Inverloch and Darken up there in my all-time favorites now,
    well actually you’ve been there for awhile hehe. Zap will always get a
    shining recomendation from me to anyone who asks about webcomics. Shoot
    and I’m going to be writing another post like this for Dubious Company soon, as they are wrapping up their story as well.

    Well see yall on the Wylde-side.

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