September 28, 2014 | 10:28 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Surprise! I posted the entire ending all at once so you can enjoy it all together.

To start reading from last Thursday’s update click here

Thank you so much for reading all these years, everyone! Chris and I were really glad to have you. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ending!!! <3

I’ve started a new comic called Wilde Life and you can start reading it here.



xoxo forever


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  • Andrew W

    Yep … but Naveed dodged it! No actual *hits* :P

  • Superhuman

    In the end, Zap finally realized and admitted (or at least partially admitted) that he had been horrifically selfish throughout his adult life. I’m sort of satisfied now (also the fact that most of the good guys lived was a good way to end it). It’s been a wild ride but thanks for the good times Lepas. I’m already hooked on Wilde Life now and enjoying it immensely. Of course, that was part of your plan all along huh? ^_~

  • Superhuman

    Oh, and thanks to Chris for the writing as well (I’m still laughing at the vid of you dressed up as Moses typing, “thou shalt not like their own post on Facebook). Heh. ^_~

  • SlayerRequiem

    Man, It has been a while since I commented here. I started reading way back when Gunner was first introduced, and rarely commented. I am really happy to have seen this story on to its end. Truthfully it ended happier than I thought it would, which is really nice. I can’t wait to read your next story. Thank you for the good times.

  • Griff

    I have never posted here either, but I wanted to thank you for giving us such a wonderful story to read all of these years. This is the only sci-fi webcomic I ever fell in love with, and to see it wrapped up so wonderfully made me smile. The art and writing all have come such a long, glorious way and your passion for the comic shined through to the end. So, yes, thank you for sharing this with all of us!

  • Taekwondodo

    I’m guessing we will never hear the actual story of the three spirits then. I kind of pencilled my own last night but it does make me sad that I wont hear the “official” version. :(

  • AmazonOfExeter

    Just wanted to leave a message, my first here, to just say thank you! When you announced the end was nigh (yeah….I don’t always read the notes but often just the art…tooooo pretty…) I worried how you would end it. Instead you have produced a lovely final arc that was fair to all as well as beautiful and elegant… yes, THANK YOU!!

  • Katie

    Wow. I’ve enjoyed reading Zap over the years, and I’m really happy with how it ended! I would have been really sad if Gunner died! I’m so happy he didn’t! :) Awesome comic!

  • Sebine

    I hate you so much for ending Zap.

    I love you so much for not killing Zap.

    I both love and hate you with equal fervor.

    Bite me.

  • packetdancer

    I’ve been reading since the early days, back when it was still ‘’; it’s been a pleasure to see the story develop into something I genuinely looked forward to each week.

    Thank you for years of enjoyment, and for seeing it through to the end of the tale!

  • Von Tisch

    Is there going to be a book that includes all of the Zap pages!?

  • Susallia

    Chris and Pascalle, thank you for always making my mondays these past years. I will really miss this webcomic and the mondays to come will be hard to bear without Zap and the gang. The future is now and it belongs to us, godspeed!

  • buzzard24601 .

    Bravo! So good! Thanks so much for this series. What a great ending!

  • Juliebean

    Congratulations on the completion of your comic! I’m sure it’s as bitter-sweet a moment for you as it is for your readers; AMAZING to complete something that’s been part of your life for so long, but a little sad to see it end. I look forward to your future work :)

  • Gillsing

    Congratulations, heroes! You’ve done a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

    I am left picturing Gunner and Naveed building a hut and living like Robinson Crusoe at their desolate destination, reduced to sharpening pieces of metal from Naveed’s clothing to create crude tools. Unless she had some hidden knives tucked away, because claws don’t always cut it.

  • BryanP1968

    Hi. I know I’m a little late to the party, but about a year ago I started checking your page once a week. Today I checked in and found that the day after I last checked in you dropped the ending out here all at once.

    Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed reading this story. I found you after you had been posting for about a year and I’ve been following along ever since. There were times I had my doubts about where you were going with all of this, but you came through. Thanks for a good story.

  • Ori Klein

    Albeit of a meh ending, but I can live with it.

    Still…what’s the deal with Vitali and “protect William, he’s of import for the future!” arc that never played out to explain itself (or I just didn’t pay enough attention to detail that could be, too).

  • Vitale wanted William to find Reona because she would save him from Naveed, then he would meet Holly and be happy as part of the Galactic Senate. Not every white dude has to save the day (though he did help them get past the GEF blockade).

    I don’t think it was a meh ending at all.

  • agamemnonahb

    Oh man… I found this comic the day after page 16 went up and I’ve never left. This has been worth the wait. It was fun hanging out with you guy, the cast, and all of your readers. It’s been a great ride with all of you. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for each of you.

  • Ori Klein

    Oh, I can appreciate the romantic elements of it and that type of conclusion. But, in a way, it was somewhat anti-climatic and very fast/short.

  • MacChuzzlewit

    Gah. I’m all choked up, and happy and sad. Zap and Reona got a happy ending!!!!!!!! It feels like everyone’s afraid to write happy endings nowadays, so I’m extra extra appreciative, and had to try and write a comment just to tell you guys. You’re awesome! But it’s finished now, and I think I have to go cry in a corner about that. I started reading Zap! over and over in 2008 when I was stuck, sick in bed, for a year. It was the only good thing about Mondays.

  • Colin John Brennan

    Been reading since the very very beginning years and years ago. Sad to see it end, happy to see it end. I love the work you’ve done, and I feel like this is a satisfying ending. :P We all wish this or that thing could have been different, but it is not OUR world, OUR story. It’s yours, and you have all done a marvelous job. I just want to thank you for your work with all my heart. You guys are all wonderful.
    I never once stopped reading (though I remember a period where you guys had to stop writing for a bit and I was very sad). I look forward to enjoying your future works!

  • Darkflame173

    I got the first book waaaaaaay back when, lol. I think back before there was a second one? It’s been a long time. Need to get the rest now, once I can. It’s been a hell of a ride, and I hate to see yet another of my favorite web comics end, but I sure have enjoyed it while it lasted. Thank you, for all of it.<3

  • Neska

    You just had to post all this while I was in Italy and had no internet . . . but then, you had no way of knowing that I’d be in Italy, since I hardly ever comment and I was never on the forum at all . . .
    Well, it was a great story! With good art! Even the less-good art was cute! (especially the squid . . . one of my friends who has never read this bought a Billy the Squid figurine after I showed it to her ’cause the cephalapod adorability transcends fandom)

  • Mr whiskers

    Oh jeez i cant believe it actually ended… its been 4 years since i began reading this adventure

  • Keyguyperson

    And thus ends the great adventure…

    *Clicks first button*

    Yeah, I didn’t need sleep anyways.

  • Traveler

    I’ve been reading this comic off and on since there were only about 30 pages. I think that it’s been just over ten years. I truly enjoyed watching this story evolve over the years. Good work.

  • Sona

    Although I am sad for this comic to end, I am glad it ended the way it did. I have been following this comic almost since its first release. I hope you write more amazing comics in the future. :)

  • Hi, Sona! My next comic has already started over at :3

    Thank you for reading Zap! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  • trashbandit

    Thanks for the reply Chris! I’ll keep my fingers crossed then! :D

    Good luck for the new project you mentioned you’d be starting next year!

  • kerrie_30

    I swear at some point I’ll reread it and post another comment, but for now… Amazing, the story and how your art as developed is truely beautiful. I love it but miss the excited feel of rushing home on the Monday to read your next update.

  • Dang, it’s over. ^_^ But seriously, really, really good comic. Endings can be very tricky, but you guys pulled it off perfectly. Though I hate to see it end, I’m glad it ended like this. :) Looking forward to Wilde Life!

  • Heh, I think that’s when I started reading too!

  • Rosie

    I read as much of this comic as there was probably 4 or 5 years ago, and just recently re-found it and started from the beginning. It took me 3 days, but I’m done. It was wonderfully heart-wrenching, with just enough explosions to keep my inner child happy. Thank you for taking the time to write and draw it, it’s been wonderful!

  • JasonAW3

    I’ sorry to say this, but as psycho as Naveen and Gunner were, I kinda hope that they find happiness together. Some may say that they don’t deserver it because of what they have done, but, considering what Gunner, Zap and Efram went through losing their planet and people, his reaction is understandable, not excusable, but understandable.

    Naveen, right, wrong or indifferent, supported Gunner, no matter what, supported and loved Gunner. I’dmlove to find out Naveen’s back story and what Gunner did to win such utter loyalty and love from her.

    Please? Maybe?

  • Krystal Egdell

    Screw you, and your stupid story, for making me cry!!
    In all honesty, this has been a great, enthralling, rollercoaster of a story, leaving me waiting for the updates to see what happens next. I would even leave it for weeks, and sometimes months, at a time just so that I would have a bunch of pages I could read at once.
    I was so ecstatic when the Kickstarter came about. I made sure to get the 3 comics that were available, so that I could both support the both of you, and have a great tale to go back over in a more comfortable format :D Plus when I get a bit more cashed up, I will be buying some of the art, to be able to support such a wonderful endeavor.
    I look forward to the next lot of comics being released, so that I can proudly have them all sitting next to each other on my bookshelf.
    I have love the way that both the story and the art have evolved over the years, making it a joy to see the journey that the two of you have gone on.
    My deepest love and respect for bring such joy to the world

  • Derrick

    I’ve been reading since the introduction of the serpent, and this has been my favorite webcomic since. I want to thank you both for the amazing story and images. I’m going to miss having this around now. Anyways, cheers.

  • Sharkmanx

    You know I’ve been reading Zap for like 10 or 11 years, and couldn’t have hoped for a better ending. But the end of Zap is like the end of an era for me and it will be missed. Thanks for all the laughs and the feels it has been great.

  • Shift

    I loved this comic. It was one of the best.

  • legend

    i will miss this comic

  • Mark Carmine Bennett

    This has been a fantastic comic it’s a shame that I can’t get hold of the low tech copies in the uk

  • We actually have a new store that ships internationally!

  • Mark Carmine Bennett

    Awesome I’ll be treating myself for Christmas thank you :)

  • Mark Carmine Bennett

    Don’t know why my last comment didn’t post but thank you for the link I can treat myself for christmas now :)

  • Strike_Reyhi

    Wow, can’t believe it’s all over. Thanks for the wonderful story!

  • Hanabelle

    I Have been reading this comic for a while! I enjoyed your artistic skills progress! I believe I met Pascalle at comic-con one year and I hope to someday show up dressed as Naveed! (my fav). Now that the comic is over will there be a compilation of the entire story in one GRAPHIC NOVEL? If so I am DYING to get one! Signed of course :P

  • RadBaron

    Testing for @lepas

  • I just finished a few minutes ago… about midnight-thirty… it seemed like it took me forever to read the whole story in the archives, I know it was several days (in between “real life”…) but oh my gosh, what a wild ride… I can’t say I’ve ever been so emotionally vested in an online comic before… WOW. Just…. WOW.

    I know I’ll be reading it through again at some point, just to see all the clues and details I missed with the first reading.

    THANK YOU to both Chris and Lepas for all the hard work and *years* you’ve both put into this!!

    Another thank you to the Discus community… I would have missed so much without everyone’s speculations, comments, and funnies :) y’all are a great bunch!

  • talantus

    i have also been following this comic for quite some time now and i admit i have had quite a hard time to go and read when i saw this was the last chapter. as sad as i am to see it end, i am glad i finally was courageous enough to do so. i was not let down. it was a beautiful story and it was an honor to see it evolve, the story, the art, the characters and to ultimately see it end. all good things come to an end so what do you call something that was GREAT? ^_^

    that<s for you to decide readers.

  • Mikena

    I hope you still read these comments. I just wanted to say that I had never heard of Zap! until I had started reading Wilde Life (Which I love by the way), and I really regret that now. I just binged the poop out of this comic and got through all of it in one day. I read it on the bus to work, on break, in bed for 3 hours past my usual bed time… You get the idea. It was a pleasure to have gone through all that, and watch you develop as an artist Pascalle. I wish there was more art available of just Zap, cuz danggg he sexy. I look forward to joining you with your new comic, but well done. :) (ps. Page 670b is now my phone background and will remain there for a fairly long time I think.)

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