566 | What are you doing in here, Efrem my friend?

566 | What are you doing in here, Efrem my friend?

January 22, 2012 | 5:00 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Hey, it’s William, but remember he’s controlled by Gunner right now. So, it’s actually kind of Gunner? Either way, William isn’t looking too good right now. Neither is Efrem, for that matter. Surprise, Efrem!

Possessed William gives me the creeps.

For those asking, the last time we saw William was here:

The other instances of the psychic language are here:


  • yay update!

  • Guest

    When did we last see William?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve really enjoyed Efrem’s development over the last few pages.  And possessed-William is soooo creepy.  Thanks for the early update!

  • HE RETURNSSSS YESSS! and he’s more beautiful than ever

  • I don’t remember the last time we saw William. Does the all knowing artist, or perhaps the wise storyteller, have a link handy? ;)

  • Someone likes their men tall, dark, and crazy eyed!

  • Plucky Pooka

    William is definitely creepy.

  • Shannon

    What language is William speaking?

  • Jcqlnhuffman

    Well, I’m going to go have nightmares now. Good night!

  • Neiona

    Possessed William is epic.

  • Anonymous

    I have a vague memory of William and a frog that acted like Yoda.

    Each page covers between 20 and 120 seconds’ worth of happenings, and there’s between 2 seconds and 30 minutes’ worth of happenings between pages. At a rate of one page per week, after one year of comics, the amount of time passed in-story would be between 19.067 minutes and 27.23 hours.
    This means a story arc will take about 2 years usually. Also, I estimate that William was last seen one month ago (in-story), which means we last saw him in 1982.
    …I think my math was wrong somewhere.

  • Astralfury

    No one expects the possessed inquisition!

  • Anonymous

    waiting for william to suddenly drop to all fours, start eating a raw fish and mumble something about “filthy hobbitses !!”

    he has that crazed look in his eyes as though he is going to run up to efrem, shove his hand down efrem’s front pants pocket and grope for shiny’s…..then run screaming down the hall toward the vending machines.

    what would you do for a klondike baaaaaaaar?

  • Mkay, who’s been playing to much SWTOR with Sith corruption… :P

  • mrz80

    Nice job on William.  You’ve definitely got that evil mind-controlled minion look down pat. :)

  • Haha. I had to practice drawing Gunner’s expressions with Williams features. It was awakward!

  • The language of the Lost Ones. Gunner and Zap have both spoken in it in the past.


  • yay comment!

  • Nena-Nena

    Yeah, I can see some Gunner in there, and the yellow eye color is a dead give away of Gunner’s control. Gunner really thought of everything! That’s why as crazy and evil as he is he’s still my favorite!

  • Andrew W.

    I can’t see the comic.. :(  just getting a black spot where the image should be.

  • Wildfire

    Good to know I’m not the only one… no image, only a black frame.

  • Daniel Kauwe

    oh noes! creepy eyes! *twiddles fingers* hmm, why am i concerned for mr. asswipe. 

  • Anonymous

    “Possessed William gives me the creeps.”

    don’t you mean he gives you the willies?

  • EH??

  • Yeah, we had an issue.

  • Alaskanbookwyrm

    You’d think someone would eventually notice that his eyes were different.

    “Wow, Will, I just LOVE your fabulous new contacts!”

  • you been looking at my scripts?

  • Anonymous

    Third panel where William’s in the shadows would make an awesome “Once you see it, you’ll s*** bricks” meme.

  • I’ve really enjoyed getting to this part in the story! What is Efrem really up to?

  • Safyrejet

    That’s the creepiest thing I’ve seen in like a month.  I think I felt my spine go all tingly when Efrem’s did.  Good job with the crazed possessed evil sunken eye look there.

  • Safyrejet

    That’s the creepiest thing I’ve seen in like a month.  I think I felt my spine go all tingly when Efrem’s did.  Good job with the crazed possessed evil sunken eye look there.

  • FT

    Here’s a fun thought, this may be going on at the same time Gunner’s with naveed.

    Gunner is clearly multitalented.

  • Oh no, it’s Goth William!

  • Darkness24

    I lol’d

  • Jim

    Some horrible part of me somehow now imagines a Zap live action movie where Efram is played by Will Ferral.  Gods save my soul.

  • Gillsing

    William. Giving willies.

  • Yeah, he totally is

  • Wow, the “possessed William” look has undergone a SEVERE Gaara-of-the-Desert style overhaul since here http://www.zapcomic.com/2005/03/20080901/ …but I like it…
    And now, because I cannot resist, NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo~! William, one of these days, I am going to free you from the grip of Gunner!
    …and now, another Naruto reference comes to mind: I just realized that Gunner sort of reminds me of Orochimaru (being the snake dude ‘n’ all), which….um….would make William…..Sasuke? (I haven’t gotten far enough to know what befalls the young Uuchiha ^^;)

    Question: if Efrem and Gunner-William get into a fight, can Gunner use psychic powers THROUGH William?

  • William is looking a little more hollow in the eyes because Gunner’s not doing a very good job of taking care of the body.

    And to answer your question: No, Gunner cannot use psychic powers through William. Good question!

  • Ew. Will Ferral is totally too old.

  • The Rippy One

    Is there meaning to his sclera being black? When Gunner was directly in contact with him, they turned black, but were white when Will left, apparently no longer under direct control.

  • Daniel Kauwe


  • Daniel Kauwe

    maybe Gunner is linking to him atm and eavesdropping on Efrem, which might explain why William is talking in the language of the Lost Ones.

  • Gunner is in total control of William. Essentially, he took over William’s body.

  • Just something to show William’s degeneration under Gunner’s control. I just really wanted him to look unsettling.

  • Safyrejet

    Poor William.  Doesn’t Gunner know he has to take care of his toys if he wants them to last?

  • Whitekatsu

    I still want contacts that look like Possessed!William’s eyes. XD

  • Chesierby

    I vote Chris Pine…

  • Derp

    Just finished reading from the beginning- excellent comic!  Keep up the fantastic work!

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